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V 4 Victory, V 4 Victor Halberstadt

This video is the contribution from JDTV and Klokkenluideronline to the V for Victory-campaign form Alex Jones. In the video we see Micha Kat and his team in the Bilderberg-capital of Leiden where they in the autumn of 2009 [watch video] visited the Bilderberg/NWO HQ. A couple of month later they were attacked and arrested by the police [video] for approaching the Bilderberg HQ again.

In this new episode of our Bilderberg-series we visit the office at Leiden University of the highest-ranking Dutch Bilderberger after our queen Beatrix, mr. Victor Halberstadt, member of the Bilderberg-board. We paint a red V 4 Victory-sign next to the door of his office to show the Bilderbergers that we are not afraid of them and that their NWO will fail. On the 11th of february Micha Kat will stand trial for i.a. painting anti-NWO graffiti on the Bilderberg HQ [video]. It is the first time in history that the Bilderberg Group has filed a criminal complaint and that they will be party in a court-case. Be there!

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