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A message from India

hindutimesGisteren kwam mijn vriendin terug uit India. Ze legde een artikel op mijn bureau uit de Hindu Times. Dit las ik:

Minister for ethics-based journalism

Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: Minister for Law and Sports Affairs M. Vijayakumar, on Saturday, called for a resurgence of journalism in it’s true sense. He said the media was going through a troubled phase, particularly in the context of the reports about ‘paid news’. At a function to commemorate the centanary of Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai, organised by the Kerala Union of Working Journalists Tamil Nadu Unit and the Kerala government here, mr. Vijayakumar said Ramakrisha Pillai was a pioneer among journalists to report and fight against corruption. He wrote against the Maharaja of Travancore and supported people’s rule. P. Sainath, editot of Rural Affaires, The Hindu, in his keynote adress, said that Ramakrishna Pillai did not serve power but fought against it. Mainstream journalism today was about serving power.

India ontwikkelingsland? Read this, Thomas Bruning van de NVJ, en schaam je!

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